How Long Should You Wear the It Works Body Wrap?

How Long Should You Wear the It Works Body Wrap?

I hear this question every time I wrap a new client. How long should I wear the It Works body wrap?
Can the it Works Body Wrap Really work in only 45 minutes? Yes! It most certainly can and does. We say you can see results in as little as 45 minutes, and we mean it.Can you wear the It Works body wrap longer? Of course! Will it make you see even more impressive results? The jury is kind of out on that. So Far I have only done three wraps, all three in the same area, my belly..The first time I wore the wrap for an hour. I noticed great results. The 2nd time, also wore it for an hour but this time failed to drink the required water. The third time, I slept in it. What I did was this: I took a nice hot shower, wrapped my tummy and I skipped the saran wrap cause I knew sleeping in plastic would not work with me, I toss and turn way too much. I pulled on a pair of tight yoga pants and a too tight tank top and drank two bottles of water..was not the most restful night since I had to make a trip to the bathroom a couple of times to flush out all that water, but when I woke up in the morning I felt great! In time I may get brave enough to post some pics..:-)

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